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Mark Remley – Valitar Write-up

Mark Remley and his wife, Tatyana, started the outstanding spectacle that was Valitar, a brilliant display of exquisite and classy dressage riding, mixed with the thrilling daredevil acrobatics of a Cirque de Soliel-esque spectacle, all to a rock-themed musical score that sparked themes of battle and other such dramatic events to make for a compelling performance that kept audiences at the edge f their seats.

Back in October 2012, FINE Magazine gave Valitar a write-up that seemed to have a similar take on the performance. “Picture horse-driven chariots charging into the arena with adrenaline-pumping action reminiscent of a gladiator-style battle in a mystical setting. Aerialists transcend the laws of gravity while weaving in stunning equestrian performances. Enter more classical performances highlighting dressage, one of the highest expressions of horse training that gained popularity during the summer Olympics. Professional vaulters perform acrobatic feats amidst state-of-the-art props.”

And telling from the large crowds that the event drew to their 45,000 square foot arena, the show never seemed to disappoint. People raved about the majestic nature of the horses and the trusting and brave nature of their human performers. Every spectator at a Valitar event could see the deep relationships harbored between the horses and their riders, making for an intimate performance that is reflective of the passion they both have for pleasing the crowds and working as a team. Valitar was the subject of much praise in many reviews and publications, which helped them draw more and more people to their events on their San Diego ranch.


Mark Remley – Cycling Safety

Cycling, at least for avid bicyclist Mark Remley, is more than just a great way to stay in shape. For Remley, cycling provides an amazing opportunity to see the world a more intimate point of view; to have access to and be able to explore in more detail the beauty, depth and serenity of nature. The opportunity to hop on a bike and explore the area’s natural surroundings and scenery continues to provide Remley a considerable level of satisfaction, as well as to escape the rigors and stresses of a busy professional schedule.

Mark Remley

Mark Remley

Mark Remley never misses the chance to enjoy one of his favorite recreational activities, though he is always careful to adhere to safe cycling procedures that work towards preventing injury and protecting everyone on the road. Below, he provides several of what he believes to be the best behaviors to follow when bicycling through your local roadways.

Mark Remley is always seeking an opportunity to hit the open road on his bicycle, and to experience the numerous sight-seeing adventure possibilities only possible through the act of cycling. A busy business professional, Remley finds cycling to be a relaxing, cathartic activity, one that affords him the chance to focus on the awe-inspiring elements of nature, while releasing stress, enhancing focus and maintaining the strong physical health and endurance he needs to be as alert and effective as possible.

Cycling continues to be amongst Remley’s favorite activities, and is something he looks forward to at every available opportunity.

Experience in Business Leadership – Mark Remley

Experienced entrepreneur and valued member of the business community Mark Remley is known for his considerable leadership skill and business savvy. Responsible for the foundation and longtime success of the Signal Corporation, a company he co-founded in 1987, Remley continues to be counted as an example of a successful business manager, someone who has devoted much of his life to business operation and has proven to have the strengths and qualities of a visionary business leader.

Mark Remley

Mark Remley

Mark Remley served as a leader within the Signal Corporation from the company’s 1987 inception to 2004, performing well as the firm’s Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President. A thoughtful and effective decision-maker with a knack for knowing when and how to implement innovation, Remley was instrumental in building a government contracting and services corporation from the ground up, transforming a modest start-up firm of four employees into a company of 1600, one capable of $600 million in annual sales. His service to the company was of paramount importance to its eventual successful sale in 2004.

Mark Remley, who continues to exhibit talent in the field of business leadership, is proud of what he was able to accomplish as a Signal Corporation leader. His career at Signal helped to fuel the multiple business successes he achieved following the company’s sale, and established his reputation as someone with a dedication, and a passion, for business management. Remley continues to shake up the world of business, and to serve others as inspiration for pushing beyond their perceived limitations.

Mark Remley: Mountaineering Tips

Mark Remley is a mountaineering enthusiast, and has spent many a day taking on the challenge of an imposing ascent up a steep and relatively unknown mountain face. He appreciates both the mental and physical challenges involved with mountaineering, as well as the potential rewards available to the mountaineer, regardless of the skill level or experience.

Mountaineering can pose a serious physical fitness challenge to even the most athletic of individuals. Below, Mark Remley seeks to share several tips to mountaineering beginners, working to better prepare those new to the sport.



Mountaineering, as Mark Remley knows, involves many different aspects, making it necessary for the participant to study up on the activity, and in many cases, to seek out the advice and support of a proven professional or expert. Consider booking your first adventure with a known expert.


Preparing your route, understanding the mountain and packing all of the necessary gear is without question one of the most important things you can do prior to your next ascent. Take the time, says Mark Remley, to properly prepare and plan for your trip, and to locate and/or purchase all the necessary equipment before setting out.

The Importance of Footwear

Mountaineering is done mostly on your feet, and can place a significant amount of stress on your feet and legs. It’s necessary to invest in the right pair of mountaineering boots, says Mark Remley, and to make sure your boots will be able to withstand the many different elements and aspects of mountaineering.

Mark Remley: Triathlon Training Tips

Triathlon competitions, as Mark Remley knows, can be one of the most grueling and challenging activities a person will ever partake in, testing the physical and mental limitations of even the most athletic and committed of individuals. As Remley knows, there is nothing quite like competing in a triathlon, making it important to be adequately prepared for the race’s numerous potential struggles and obstacles.

Mark Remley provides several basic things every first-time triathlete should focus on during the training process.


Shorter Before Longer

As you begin training for your first triathlon, says Mark Remley, focus on shorter events, such as smaller running, swimming and cycling distances before taking on something significant. Build up endurance through gradual increases in time and length during each event.

Keep It Close

Reduce the stress and hassle of triathlon training, says Mark Remley, by training and competing in events that are closer to home. Seek out events or staging areas that are easily accessible and as short a distance away as possible. Making your training schedule as easy and hassle-free on yourself as possible helps to encourage you to stick with it for the long haul.

Workout on Your Own Bike

It isn’t necessary, as Mark Remley knows, to go out and purchase an expensive bicycle to train on for your first triathlon. Your own bicycle should work just fine, and can provide you the chance to train your body inexpensively and with fewer hassle. It’s also important to familiarize yourself with changing flats and making basic bicycle repairs before entering your first race.

Mark Remley: Horseback Safety Basics

Horseback riding is a fun activity, though there are also inherent risks that every rider must be aware of, and prepared for, in order to minimize the possibility of injury, and to get the most from the riding experience. As an experienced horseback rider and enthusiast, Mark Remley understands how important it is to protect yourself during a ride, and to be prepared for any possibility, particularly when riding alone.

Below, Mark Remley shares several of what he considers the basics of horseback riding safety, ways both you and your family can ensure a more secure and enjoyable riding experience.

Mark Remley

Mark Remley

Safety Equipment

Mark Remley recommends locating and wearing the proper safety gear before taking on a ride on your horse. At the minimum, he says, a rider should be equipped with an approved riding helmet and the most appropriate footwear, though such things as safety vests high-visibility clothing can also help others locate you following an accident.

Share Info With Others

Be sure to tell others where you’re going and how you’re getting there before setting off on your next ride. As Mark Remley knows, it’s important that loved ones understand your riding itinerary, as well as the area you’re riding to and through, before you set out. No one seeks out an accident, says Remley, but it’s good to know that someone will be looking for you in case of emergency.

Stick to the Original Route

Though it’s important to tell others where you’re going, says Mark Remley, it would be virtually pointless to do so without the intention to stick with the original riding plan. Don’t veer off the trail or planned route, particularly if you’ve told others where you’re going.

Gearing Up For Boarding: Mark Remley

Mark Remley isn’t just an accomplished businessman and well-known San Diego professional. He is also an experienced snowboarder, and takes advantage of any opportunity he has to hit the slopes and enjoy another day of fresh powder and fast-paced cruising down the mountain.

As an experienced boarder, Mark Remley understands how important it is to be prepared for any contingency, and to take any necessary precautions to ensure your day on the slopes is as incident and injury free as possible. He shares several of boarding’s safety basics below.

Mark Remley

Mark Remley

The Right Gear

The first thing any boarder should do, regardless of the skill level, is have the gear needed to stay healthy, warm and protected during a day of shredding. As Mark Remley knows, it’s crucial to have a quality helmet, comfortable bindings and boots, well-fitting sunglasses and goggles, and the most appropriate skill-level board with you before you jump on the lift.


Such things as water, snacks, lip balm, sunscreen and more should be on your person before you head down the mountain. So your best to avoid the possibility of dehydration, sunburn, lack of energy and more, says Mark Remley, before you commit to the next boarding adventure.

Practice Practice Practice

Snowboarding, much like any other strenuous or potentially dangerous activity, says Mark Remley, requires a substantial amount of practice before getting to the level you need to be to better enjoy the sport. Commit yourself to the hard work and instruction needed to get yourself to the most appropriate skill level.