Mark Remley: Cycling

Mark Remley is an active person who likes to get out and enjoy all the beautiful nature that the state of California has to offer. In order to maximize his enjoyment of his surroundings he uses a number of different vessels to get up and close with the elements. He likes to ride snowboards down mountains and horses across valleys; but for every other short distance trip, he likes to hop on his bike and take it for a spin. Mark Remley is an avid cyclist who breaks down the many ways you can enjoy California via bike, and what types of bikes are most appropriate for that trip, below.

Mark Remley

Mark Remley

Beach Cruisin
When it comes to taking a stroll down the boardwalk, it doesn’t get much better than a beach cruiser. Beach cruiser are known for their cushy seats, spread-out body styles and single-speed pace that is best for living up to its namesake. Beach cruisers can be an awfully pleasant ride on the boardwalk or around town, but are no good for rocky or hilly areas.

Mountain Bikes
Mountain bikes are perhaps the most versatile form of bike, as they can tackle more terrain than any other type of non-motorized bike and can do so with the speed to make it an eligible choice for commuting. Mountain bikes can come basic or with extensive shock and gear options for rugged riders.

Road Bike
Road bikes are great for triathlon racers, city commuters and those who simply like to go fast. Given his experience in triathlons, road bikes are a common choice for Mark Remley.



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