Mark Remley – Valitar Write-up

Mark Remley and his wife, Tatyana, started the outstanding spectacle that was Valitar, a brilliant display of exquisite and classy dressage riding, mixed with the thrilling daredevil acrobatics of a Cirque de Soliel-esque spectacle, all to a rock-themed musical score that sparked themes of battle and other such dramatic events to make for a compelling performance that kept audiences at the edge f their seats.

Back in October 2012, FINE Magazine gave Valitar a write-up that seemed to have a similar take on the performance. “Picture horse-driven chariots charging into the arena with adrenaline-pumping action reminiscent of a gladiator-style battle in a mystical setting. Aerialists transcend the laws of gravity while weaving in stunning equestrian performances. Enter more classical performances highlighting dressage, one of the highest expressions of horse training that gained popularity during the summer Olympics. Professional vaulters perform acrobatic feats amidst state-of-the-art props.”

And telling from the large crowds that the event drew to their 45,000 square foot arena, the show never seemed to disappoint. People raved about the majestic nature of the horses and the trusting and brave nature of their human performers. Every spectator at a Valitar event could see the deep relationships harbored between the horses and their riders, making for an intimate performance that is reflective of the passion they both have for pleasing the crowds and working as a team. Valitar was the subject of much praise in many reviews and publications, which helped them draw more and more people to their events on their San Diego ranch.



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