Experience in Business Leadership – Mark Remley

Experienced entrepreneur and valued member of the business community Mark Remley is known for his considerable leadership skill and business savvy. Responsible for the foundation and longtime success of the Signal Corporation, a company he co-founded in 1987, Remley continues to be counted as an example of a successful business manager, someone who has devoted much of his life to business operation and has proven to have the strengths and qualities of a visionary business leader.

Mark Remley

Mark Remley

Mark Remley served as a leader within the Signal Corporation from the company’s 1987 inception to 2004, performing well as the firm’s Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President. A thoughtful and effective decision-maker with a knack for knowing when and how to implement innovation, Remley was instrumental in building a government contracting and services corporation from the ground up, transforming a modest start-up firm of four employees into a company of 1600, one capable of $600 million in annual sales. His service to the company was of paramount importance to its eventual successful sale in 2004.

Mark Remley, who continues to exhibit talent in the field of business leadership, is proud of what he was able to accomplish as a Signal Corporation leader. His career at Signal helped to fuel the multiple business successes he achieved following the company’s sale, and established his reputation as someone with a dedication, and a passion, for business management. Remley continues to shake up the world of business, and to serve others as inspiration for pushing beyond their perceived limitations.



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