Mark Remley: Mountaineering Tips

Mark Remley is a mountaineering enthusiast, and has spent many a day taking on the challenge of an imposing ascent up a steep and relatively unknown mountain face. He appreciates both the mental and physical challenges involved with mountaineering, as well as the potential rewards available to the mountaineer, regardless of the skill level or experience.

Mountaineering can pose a serious physical fitness challenge to even the most athletic of individuals. Below, Mark Remley seeks to share several tips to mountaineering beginners, working to better prepare those new to the sport.



Mountaineering, as Mark Remley knows, involves many different aspects, making it necessary for the participant to study up on the activity, and in many cases, to seek out the advice and support of a proven professional or expert. Consider booking your first adventure with a known expert.


Preparing your route, understanding the mountain and packing all of the necessary gear is without question one of the most important things you can do prior to your next ascent. Take the time, says Mark Remley, to properly prepare and plan for your trip, and to locate and/or purchase all the necessary equipment before setting out.

The Importance of Footwear

Mountaineering is done mostly on your feet, and can place a significant amount of stress on your feet and legs. It’s necessary to invest in the right pair of mountaineering boots, says Mark Remley, and to make sure your boots will be able to withstand the many different elements and aspects of mountaineering.



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