Mark Remley: Triathlon Training Tips

Triathlon competitions, as Mark Remley knows, can be one of the most grueling and challenging activities a person will ever partake in, testing the physical and mental limitations of even the most athletic and committed of individuals. As Remley knows, there is nothing quite like competing in a triathlon, making it important to be adequately prepared for the race’s numerous potential struggles and obstacles.

Mark Remley provides several basic things every first-time triathlete should focus on during the training process.


Shorter Before Longer

As you begin training for your first triathlon, says Mark Remley, focus on shorter events, such as smaller running, swimming and cycling distances before taking on something significant. Build up endurance through gradual increases in time and length during each event.

Keep It Close

Reduce the stress and hassle of triathlon training, says Mark Remley, by training and competing in events that are closer to home. Seek out events or staging areas that are easily accessible and as short a distance away as possible. Making your training schedule as easy and hassle-free on yourself as possible helps to encourage you to stick with it for the long haul.

Workout on Your Own Bike

It isn’t necessary, as Mark Remley knows, to go out and purchase an expensive bicycle to train on for your first triathlon. Your own bicycle should work just fine, and can provide you the chance to train your body inexpensively and with fewer hassle. It’s also important to familiarize yourself with changing flats and making basic bicycle repairs before entering your first race.



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