Mark Remley: Horseback Safety Basics

Horseback riding is a fun activity, though there are also inherent risks that every rider must be aware of, and prepared for, in order to minimize the possibility of injury, and to get the most from the riding experience. As an experienced horseback rider and enthusiast, Mark Remley understands how important it is to protect yourself during a ride, and to be prepared for any possibility, particularly when riding alone.

Below, Mark Remley shares several of what he considers the basics of horseback riding safety, ways both you and your family can ensure a more secure and enjoyable riding experience.

Mark Remley

Mark Remley

Safety Equipment

Mark Remley recommends locating and wearing the proper safety gear before taking on a ride on your horse. At the minimum, he says, a rider should be equipped with an approved riding helmet and the most appropriate footwear, though such things as safety vests high-visibility clothing can also help others locate you following an accident.

Share Info With Others

Be sure to tell others where you’re going and how you’re getting there before setting off on your next ride. As Mark Remley knows, it’s important that loved ones understand your riding itinerary, as well as the area you’re riding to and through, before you set out. No one seeks out an accident, says Remley, but it’s good to know that someone will be looking for you in case of emergency.

Stick to the Original Route

Though it’s important to tell others where you’re going, says Mark Remley, it would be virtually pointless to do so without the intention to stick with the original riding plan. Don’t veer off the trail or planned route, particularly if you’ve told others where you’re going.



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