Gearing Up For Boarding: Mark Remley

Mark Remley isn’t just an accomplished businessman and well-known San Diego professional. He is also an experienced snowboarder, and takes advantage of any opportunity he has to hit the slopes and enjoy another day of fresh powder and fast-paced cruising down the mountain.

As an experienced boarder, Mark Remley understands how important it is to be prepared for any contingency, and to take any necessary precautions to ensure your day on the slopes is as incident and injury free as possible. He shares several of boarding’s safety basics below.

Mark Remley

Mark Remley

The Right Gear

The first thing any boarder should do, regardless of the skill level, is have the gear needed to stay healthy, warm and protected during a day of shredding. As Mark Remley knows, it’s crucial to have a quality helmet, comfortable bindings and boots, well-fitting sunglasses and goggles, and the most appropriate skill-level board with you before you jump on the lift.


Such things as water, snacks, lip balm, sunscreen and more should be on your person before you head down the mountain. So your best to avoid the possibility of dehydration, sunburn, lack of energy and more, says Mark Remley, before you commit to the next boarding adventure.

Practice Practice Practice

Snowboarding, much like any other strenuous or potentially dangerous activity, says Mark Remley, requires a substantial amount of practice before getting to the level you need to be to better enjoy the sport. Commit yourself to the hard work and instruction needed to get yourself to the most appropriate skill level.



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