Mark Remley: Sharing the Elegance and Beauty of Horses with The World

Successful businessman Mark Remley never envisioned himself to be involved in the world of entertainment, nor did he imagine he would have the opportunity to share his love of horses with the world in such an innovative and inspiring way. A long-time member of the San Diego business community, Mark Remley found himself unable to contain his passion for the majesty and beauty of horses any longer, leading to the creation and introduction of the amazing Valitar.

Mark Remley

Mark Remley

Mark Remley, along with his wife, Tatyana, were able to combine the talents and acrobatics of professional, award-winning performers with the grace, power and strength of one of the world’s most beautiful and majestic animals to produce one of the most powerful performance pieces in recent entertainment history. Released by Equustria Development in 2012, the Valitar experience effectively showed the world not only mark Remley’s passion for and devotion to horses and horseback riding, but also the endless entertainment and inspiration potential of an amazing equestrian-based performance.

Mark Remley and his wife scoured the world in search of the most talented in riders, trainers and horse enthusiasts to create and develop an amazing experience. Beginning with only a passion for horses and horseback riding, Mark Remley and his wife ended up producing an amazing and unforgettable event, one that continues to live in their memories, and will for many years to come.

Mark Remley took his passion and successfully combined it with an unmatched business savvy to create something magical and memorable. His hope was to produce something the world had never seen before, and he more than accomplished his mission.



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