Mark Remley’s Keys to Success

San Diego businessman Mark Remley has become known for his work on the horse show Valitar, produced through his company Equustria. For Mark Remley, success in show business could be boiled down to the presence of a few important qualities. The keys for success in Valitar included:

Mark Remley

Mark Remley

  • Variety: There were 55 horses used in the show, and the majority of them were of distinct breeds. This wide variety in horses lent to the beauty of the show in much the same way hundreds of different colored tiles come together to make a beautiful mosaic.
  • Talented performers: The acrobats who joined Valitar included some internationally acclaimed talents, and bringing them all together in one show made for an amazing spectacle. Having a full cast of talented performers is a privilege many shows and productions cannot boast, and one area in which Valitar surpasses rival shows.
  • Effective Trainers: Any production that uses horses also requires that trainers be on set to guide and control the horses if necessary. The horses that performed in Valitar were studies of coordination, power, and grace. Their moves were precise and perfectly placed, and all routines were perfectly executed. This is a testament to the intelligence of the horses and clear evidence of the effectiveness of their trainers.
  • Proper Venue: Mark Remley produced Valitar in the San Diego area with the goal of providing new entertainment to the community. For the show, Mark Remley obtained a 45,000 square foot Big Top tent, certainly one of the largest free standing tents that can be purchased or rented.

By ensuring a show has all of the above qualities, one can greatly improve the chances for success.




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