Mark Remley: Lessons Learned from Valitar

For Mark Remley, Valitar was the culmination of hard work and dedication to a dream. Mark Remley dreamed he could produce a horse show that would bring a new level of entertainment to San Diego, something the city had never before seen and its citizens were craving. Through the time and energy he spent working on producing Valitar, Mark Remley learned several things about show business, professional horsemanship, and the logistics of producing a horse show. A few of Mark Remley’s lessons are listed below:

Mark Remley

Mark Remley

  • Attend veteran shows: Whether planning a horse show, an acrobatic routine, or a circus, see what has been done by people before you. Get a good idea of what works and doesn’t work by attending different shows, and pay attention to qualities or aspects of the show you would like to emulate.
  • Surround yourself with professionals: Even if it is your first time ever producing a show, you can still be successful if you rely on the professionals you hire to work with you. Good directors, trainers, and performers usually have experience working on shows and in the public eye. By hiring the best, you can expect to have a good show even if it’s your first.
  • Know your horses: If you have little or no knowledge about horses, you should not produce a horse show. Even if you rely on others to handle all the technical aspects of the production, a good horse show should be produced by someone who knows and loves horses. This way they can be an active participant in choosing horses and planning the show.


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