Mark Remley: Qualities of a Successful Businessman

Before Mark Remley became the producer of one of the most ambitious horse shows ever imagined, he was a highly successful San Diego businessman. He had started several businesses, building them up and helping them grow into more successful and more valuable assets. Evidence of Mark Remley’s success can be seen in his many real estate properties and his excellent taste in cars. But Mark Remley is not alone in his success: there are many highly successful people in the world, and Mark Remly has noted that there are certain traits they all share. The following are a few of the traits common to successful people, as noted by Mark Remley:

Mark Remley

Mark Remley

  • A dream: All successful people have a goal they are striving for, a dream they are trying to turn into a reality. These goals might be as simple as selling the most cars at a dealership or as complex as running a multinational corporation.
  • Passion: The key to success is to chase after your dreams, to hold on to them so tightly that you will make them come true. No matter how bad circumstances may appear or how difficult it becomes to realize your dream, there is a passion that will never let you give up.
  • Trust: Goals are always achieved more quickly or as satisfactorily when the burden is shared among many. Martin Luther King Jr. recognized that he could not fight for Civil Rights by himself, and so he trusted others to support the cause using their gifts and talents.
  • Confidence: You will never achieve your goals if you don’t believe in yourself.


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