Mark Remley and His Equestrian Dreams

When Mark Remley first watched a horse in action, he admired the grace and power of the majestic creature. It could move so lightly on its four legs, despite its enormous size and strength, and every movement was precise, smooth, and perfectly coordinated. As he grew older that admiration deepened, and when he met his wife, her passion for horses inspired his own. Tatyana Remley had always loved horses, and had learned all different forms of riding at a young age. From Tatyana, Mark Remley was introduced into the many different forms of professional horsemanship.

Mark Remley

Mark Remley

He was so impressed with what he saw that he wanted others to see and recognize the beauty he had witnessed. Mark Remley wanted an audience to experience the awe at watching well-trained horses execute perfectly timed and coordinated moves, and to appreciate the utter grace with which the horses moved.

Mark Remley began planning a horse show. With the help of an experienced director Mark and Tatyana soon had the beginnings of Valitar. The show which was to become one of the most elaborate shows in the equestrian world began as little more than a desire for the world to know the beauty of horses.

Mark Remley went to great lengths to produce Valitar, travelling across the world and talking with horse experts, trainers, riders, and professional horsemen of every stripe. Mark Remley hired some of the best and brought them back with him to San Diego, along with 40 unique and beautiful horses and several acrobats and riders with incredible athleticism. The show was soon to become a masterpiece.



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