Why Mark Remley Got Involved with Horses

Tatyana Remley grew up riding horses. She loved horses with a lifelong passion, and from her early years she has learned several different types of horsemanship. She learned to ride in the western style, participating in cattle sorting, driving teams, and competed in barrel races.

Mark Remley, who always had an appreciation for horses and equestrian activities, took a greater interest in horses after marrying Tatyana. Her passion was contagious, and soon he was drawn in, entranced by the power and the grace of horses. Their perfect precision in dressage events, their speed and power in races, and the grace and beauty with which they moved were inspiring. Mark Remley realized he wanted to share this artistry with the rest of the world.

Mark Remley

Mark Remley

Of course, the best way to show large audiences what a horse can do is by holding a horse show. One of the reasons Lipizzaner horses are so famous and well known is because of the frequent shows in which their skills and natural coordination are on display. Thus, Mark Remley began plans to produce a show. And, not willing to settle for less than spectacular, he chose to produce Valitar, a show that displays not only the skills and poise of horses but also the grace of acrobats and riders.

Mark Remley and Tatyana travelled the world, finding and recruiting top talents for their show and bringing them back to their hometown to produce the show. By counting on some of the most experienced men and women in professional horsemanship, the Remley’s were planning to make Valitar the best horse show in the world.




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